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Little Girl Inside

Have you thought what it would be like to enter Heaven? What is the first thing you hope to do?

As for me, it came in a vision. Standing in the field with the wind blowing is my Abba Father waiting with open arms. I run with excitement so happy to see Him in my white ruffled dress as my hair is swinging back and forth. In a moment I jump into His arms while He holds me so tenderly as I begin dancing in the arms of God. That is who I am, His little girl. He loves me more than I can fathom and I am safe in His arms. This vision overwhelmed me with emotions, because I believe in my life healing was most needed as a little girl. It was the doorway to my heart, which God had made a way to begin the healing journey.

It all began with a dream and a promise spoken to my heart. In my dream, I remember being in my darkened bedroom sitting on my bed speaking to a little girl next to me. I couldn't see who she was at the moment and the conversation we were having is a difficult one to repeat. At the end, I was looking at her face to face and then realized it was me as a little girl whom I was seeing. I woke up with such confusion, not understanding what it all meant until the Lord spoke to my heart. It came in a form of a promise,"I'm going to heal the little girl inside." You see in my dream I'm a grown woman speaking to myself as a little girl. Though all of the past pain was behind me as a little girl, I still had feared it as a grown woman. The effects of my past was present in my future. The only way to reach the core of my pain was through the little girl inside and only God knew how.

At that moment the Lord called me to share this dream with my hubby John. During that time it was not easy sharing those deep shameful things that only occurred in my thoughts and at times dreams. You see, I never spoke of those things. Who would understand, let alone be there to help process those type of things. It took courage and His strength to speak of them, because they were bound to immense shame. But as I shared it, my hubby listened and spoke words only God could have given him to speak in my deep need for healing and acceptance. It peeled away a layer of shame and spoke Truth to the little girl inside. That little girl has been through a lot. Things that have brought shame, guilt and fear into her very heart and made its' home. I've hidden that little girl inside a long time until the Lord Himself made a way to draw her out. Little by little He calls me into His marvelous light to uncover, uproot and deposit His Truth into my heart as a replacement of what was once there. I am loved by a perfect Father whose love overwhelms me with gratitude for His continual healing touch in my life. He's calling you... Will you follow?

He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds {healing their pain and comforting their sorrow}. [Psalm 147:3 AMP]

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